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Wirecast 6 - Supported Hardware

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Camera Support

Capture your live feeds from a wide range of standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD) camera and video sources.


Most USB webcams should work with Wirecast as long as they are supported by QuickTime or AVFoundation on Mac OSX and DirectShow on Windows. Some typical webcams include, but are not limited to:


  Windows 7Windows 8OSX 10.9OSX 10.0
LogitechHDPro Webcam C9106.
LogitechHDPro Webcam C9206.
LogitechWebcam C9306.
LogitechLogitech BroadcasterN/AN/A5.0.3N/A
LogitechHD Webcam C9206.
MicrosoftLifeCam Cinema6.
MicrosoftLifeCam Studio6.
CanonVixia HV30-dv/HDV6.
CanonVixia HV40-dv/HDV6.

Composite, S-Video, DV/HDV, Component, SDI, HD-SDI. HDMI Sources

Most Standard Definition (SD) and High Definition (HD) consumer, “prosumer” and professional-grade cameras, decks and video sources with composite, S-video, Firewire, component, SDI, HD-SDI, or HDMI outputs should work with Wirecast through a qualified capture card.

IP Cameras / Web Stream sources

  • Wirecast Pro now accepts RTMP, RTMPS, RTMP(e), RTSP, HTTP, and MMS streams directly with proper credentials and stream keys (if required).
  • Wirecast Pro is also compatible with web/IP/security cameras and network devices via the IP camera detection protocol.
  • PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) controls within Wirecast are currently supported only for the Sony SNC-RZ50 IP camera. 
  • All other PTZ cameras will require 3rd party software to control the PTZ functions.
  • The WebStream Plugin also supports network video ingest over the Apple Bonjour protocol
  • Teradek Cube is also supported through the Wirecast Source SDK
Blackmagic Cinema Camera

Capture Card support

Capture cards are a great way to add additional input ports into your computer and offload some of the real-time processing of incoming footage. Telestream is continually testing and qualifying new devices. Once verified, they will be added to this “Capture Card Support” list.
  Windows 7Windows 8OSX 10.9OSX 10.10
AJA Video SystemsKona 4*
AJA Video SystemsKona 3G*
AJA Video SystemsKona LHi*
AJA Video SystemsKona LHe Plus*
AJA Video SystemsIo4K*
AJA Video SystemsIoXT*
Blackmagic DesignDecklink SDI6.
Blackmagic DesignDecklink Quad6.
Blackmagic DesignDecklink Studio6.
Blackmagic DesignDecklink Duo6.
Blackmagic DesignDecklink Mini Recorder6.
Blackmagic DesignDecklink Mini Monitor6.
Blackmagic DesignIntensity Pro6.06.0N/AN/A
Blackmagic DesignIntensity Shuttle (USB3)**6.06.0 (input)6.06.0
Blackmagic DesignUltraStudio (Thunderbolt)**N/AN/A6.06.0
Blackmagic DesignUltraStudio SDI (USB3)**6.06.0 (input)N/AN/A
Blackmagic DesignUltraStudio Express (Thunderbolt)**N/AN/A6.06.0
Blackmagic DesignUltraStudio Express Mini Recorder (Thunderbolt)**N/AN/A6.06.0
Blackmagic DesignUltraStudio Express Mini Monitor (Thunderbolt)**N/AN/A6.06.0
ViewcastOsprey 240eN/AN/A6.06.0
MatroxMX02 Mini with MAX5.0.3 (SDK)5.0.3 (SDKN/AN/A
MatroxVS46.0 (SDK)6.0 (SDK)N/AN/A
AvermediaGame Broadcaster HDN/A5.0.1N/AN/A

*AJA plugin required.

For Wirecast 5, only use drivers 12.1 to 12.1.1, anything higher will not work in 5. 
For Wirecast 6, only use AJA drivers 12.1 and higher, El Capitan users must use 12.3 and higher. Recommended to use the latest for v.6.

**Blackmagic recommends the following:

If using the Blackmagic Thunderbolt and USB 3 capture cards, the computer should be turned completely off when connecting these devices. When powered off, connect the devices to your computer, turn on your cameras, boot the machine and Wirecast should see the devices.

Manufacturer-Tested and Supported Capture Cards

PLEASE NOTE: Devices not listed below, or qualified by our QA team as supported, may work with Wirecast. However, our technical Support staff does not have the information necessary to troubleshoot problems. Some of these devices are listed in our Manufacturer-tested and User-reported lists. In these cases, please contact the Manufacturer directly or refer to Wirecast Support Forum.


Windows-only, DirectShow integration
  • AverTV CaptureHD (H727) – PCIe
  • Live Gamer HD (C985) – PCIe
  • Live Gamer Portable (C875) – USB 2.0

Blackmagic Design:

  • Mac & Windows, DirectShow integration
  • DeckLink Mini Monitor, Mini Recorder, 4K Extreme – PCIe
  • UltraStudio Mini Recorder, Mini Monitor, Express, 4K – Thunderbolt
  • UltraStudio Pro – USB 3
  • Intensity Extreme – Thunderbolt


All PCIe cards are Windows-only, DirectShow integration
Windows-only, DirectShow integration:
  • XI006AE-PRO, XI100XE, XI100XE-PRO, XI102XE, XI102XE-HD, XI104AE, XI200XE-MINI, XI204XE, XI400DE-HDMI – PCIe
  • XI006AUSB, XI100XUSB-PRO, XI104XUSB, XI200X USB – USB 3.0
  • Mac & Windows, QuickTime/AV Foundation/DirectShow integration:
  • XI100DUSB-HDMI – USB 3.0
  • XI100DUSB-SDI – USB 3.0


Matrox Multi-Ingest – PCle (Mac-only, SDK integration)
All cards below work on Mac with QuickTime/AVFoundation 
integration and Windows with SDK integration (ISO recording):
  • Matrox Mojito MAX – PCIe
  • MXO2 Mini – PCIe, Express Card 3/4, Thunderbolt
  • MXO2 LE – PCIe, Express Card 3/4, Thunderbolt
  • MXO2 LE MAX – PCIe, Express Card 3/4, Thunderbolt
  • MXO2 MAX – PCIe, Express Card 3/4, Thunderbolt
  • MXO2 Rack MAX – PCIe, Express Card 3/4, Thunderbolt
  • MXO2 – PCIe, Express Card 3/4, Thunderbolt

Osprey by Variosystems: 

Windows-only, DirectShow Integration
  • Osprey 240e, 450e, 460e, 825e, 845e – PCle


Windows-only, DirectShow Integration
  • SC510N4 HDMI – PCle
Telestream is continually testing and qualifying new devices. Once verified, they will be added to this “Capture Card Support” list. Devices not listed may work with Wirecast, but if they are not officially qualified, our technical Support Staff may not have the information necessary to troubleshoot. In these cases, please refer to the Wirecast Support Forum.



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